Director General, TERCOM and LANIT-TERCOM

Director, Institute of Information Technologies

Head of System Programming, St. Petersburg State University

Andrei Terekhov was born in 1949. He graduated from the faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics at Leningrad State University (LSU) specializing in computer software. In 1978, he published his thesis Methods for the Synthesis of Effective Work Programs.

In the 1970s, Terekhov’s scientific work was mainly associated with the development of new methods for compiling programming languages. The application of this research was the implementation of compilers and cross-language translators with a static-type control (AlLGOL 68, Ada, Pascal, Oberon, etc.) for a number of different platforms. In particular, as part of these activities Terekhov led LSU development teams and implemented the ALGOL 68 compiler, one of the most complex programming language for UCS, the most massive platform in existence at the time. Subsequently, this compiler has been ported to other platforms, including IBM PC.

In the 1980s, Terekhov began working on industrial projects in the field of telecommunications including issues of technological programming and real-time systems, including embedded systems, which led to his Habilitation Thesis Embedded Real-time Programming Technology in 1991. That same year he founded TERCOM.

Since the mid 1990s, Terekhov conducted research in the field of software re-engineering, as well as in the teaching of information technology. In 1996, he established the department of Software Engineering at St. Petersburg State University, where he holds a chair, and in 1998 he founded LANIT-TERCOM. In 2002, he was appointed director of the newly established Institute of Information Technologies at St. Petersburg State University. In September 2004, he was elected chairman of the RUSSOFT association of software developers.

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