Agile Russia

AgileRussia is a non-profit Agile community in Russia which organizes events, supports conferences, publishes articles and drives Agile/Scrum/XP/TDD etc., in Russia with the aim of improving processes, team performance and fostering engineering excellence.

AP KIT (Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association)

AP KIT Association

AP KIT (Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association) is the most representative non-profit union of Russia’s ICT industry. AP KIT’s membership includes major domestic and global companies specializing in software, computer and equipment production, as well as the leading domestic distribution companies, system integrators, producers and developers. AP KIT members comprise up to 70 percent of the market in many segments.

ARPP (Association of Software Developers)


ARPP (Association of Software Developers) was founded in 2009 and brings together Russian independent software vendors, including both commercial and freeware. Among its members are 1C, Kaspersky Lab, ABBYY, CFT, ASCON, Doctor Web, SPIRIT, InfoWatch, Diasoft, Galaxy, PROMT, ALT Linux, FORECAST, Buka, INPAS, 1S-Bitrix, PingWin Software, Hronobus, IstraSoft, STACK SOFTWARE Multimedia Technologies, and Nival Network. The primary objectives of the association are lobbying for industry interests in the executive and legislative branches of government, engaging the business community in constructive dialog with the government, and stimulating industry development and the competitiveness of domestic software.

ISDEF (Independent Software Developers Forum)

ISDEF (Independent Software Developers Forum)

Formed in late 2002, ISDEF represents and protects the interests of software developers and others active in the software industry. The primary function of ISDEF is to support and improve the processes of software development, market introduction and promotion. To this end, the association organizes seminars, conferences and other forums for the exchange of expertise; arranges events tackling the problem of computer piracy; and facilitates the creation and promotion of new software products.

RASPO (Russian Freeware Association)


RASPO (Russian Freeware Association) is designed to facilitate the development, implementation and promotion of open source and free software in Russia, and to support its entry on the global market.



RUSSOFT is a nationwide association of the most technically competent software developing companies in Russia. Presently RUSSOFT unites more than 70 companies with more than 17000 highly qualified programmers and software engineers with advanced graduate level degrees in Technology & Computer Science.

The RUSSOFT Association is the voice of the industry, actively advocating its interests with the Russian Government. Being the largest association of software developers in Russia, RUSSOFT conducts annual research and publishes surveys on the Russian software export market containing the most accurate and trusted information about software developing industry in Russia.

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