1. The material on the Software-Russia.com website, (the “Site”) which may include text, images, and other materials (the “Content”), is provided for informational purposes only. By submitting any information, you (the “Subscriber”) agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below (“Terms and Conditions”). Software-Russia.com (the “Service Provider”) reserves the right to change or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice, and such changes will become effective immediately from the date on which they are posted on the site.
  2. The Service Provider agrees to insert received information into the database of Software-Russia.com within a period of two (2) weeks from the date of receipt. To ensure that the Content complies with the general policies of the Site, the Service Provider reserves the right to edit, change or remove any Content from the Site, in whole or in part, at its sole discretion, at any time, and without notice.
  3. If using paid services, the Subscriber will effect payment to the service provider’s bank account as mentioned on the invoice within fourteen (14) days of receiving said invoice.
  4. The Subscriber must provide exact details of his/her business in compliance with the requirements of the Company Profile Form. On the basis of these details an insertion order shall be drawn up. Within a period of fourteen (14) days following the date of the submission, the Service Provider’s Editorial Board may make corrections and/or alterations deemed appropriate and return them to the Subscriber for review. After seven (7) days without receiving any further corrections or alterations from the Subscriber, the details shall be published in their current form. Should errors appear in the publications, and should these errors be based on details provided by the Subscriber, the subscriber shall be the only person liable for such errors.
  5. Decisions relating to positioning of advertisements in certain sections of the Directory, or the designation of categories, are at the sole discretion of the Service Provider.
  6. If using paid services, the Service Provider will send the Subscriber an invoice prior to the expiry of the contract. Payment is then to be made to the Service Provider by bank transfer to the account indicated on the invoice. All invoices are due and payable within fourteen (14) days from the invoice date. The Service Provider has the right to terminate the contract in the event of non-payment within the aforementioned period without prior written notice.
  7. The Service Provider is not liable for any damages caused by any failure, technical or otherwise, arising from the database of the Site’s Directory. The Service Provider is not liable for damages caused by any errors in the database of the Site’s Directory.
  8. Insertion into the database of the Site’s Directory is contracted for three (3) years. Following the expiry of the initial three (3) year period, the contract will be automatically renewed every year for an additional one (1) year period unless the Service Provider or the Subscriber receives specific notice of intent to terminate one month in advance of the expiration of the current contract.
  9. Unless otherwise agreed in advance by the Service Provider, quoted prices correspond to the price of a one (1) year insertion and are governed by the prices for the selected option. In the event of the extension of the contract under the terms of the original order, the price of access for each year shall continue to be that of the original selection.
  10. All verbal notifications by the Subscriber to the Service Provider must be confirmed in writing or by email in order to take effect.
  11. The jurisdiction in any dispute which arises is that of the Service Provider’s location.
  12. Any agreement between the Service Provider and the Subscriber is governed by the laws of the Service provider’s location.
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