Exchange for Hacked Software Launched in Russia

The exchange selling software vulnerabilities is launched in Russia. The website,, is ready to pay tens of thousands dollars for vulnerabilities in popular software such as Linux, Windows, and Adobe.

Russia Mulls Bug Bounty to Harden Government Software

Jun 15 2016

Russia is mulling a bug bounty program to find and eliminate bugs in government-approved software.

Local media report deputy Communications Minister Aleksei Sokolov is discussing a possible bug bounty with the Russian tech sector.

Award-Winning Russian Face Recognition Technology Used to Harass Young Women and Track Pyromaniacs

A face recognition app called ‘FindFace‘ is sparking controversy in Russia over the destructive power of new technologies with regards to user privacy.

Russian Company Lends IT Hand to Forensic Analysts, Stadiums and Shopping Malls

Vocord, a Russian company created in 1999, has made the news several times over the past few years with its innovative products.

New Russian Surveillance Cameras Enter U.S. and European Markets

Dec 3 2015

Ivideon, a Russian start-up, has partnered with Oco Group to launch sales of its new Oco video surveillance cameras in the U.S., the UK, and in some European Union markets.

Safe`n`Sec Corporation Launches a Special Support Program for SafenSoft Users Together with Protection Technology

Nov 26 2015

Safe`n`Sec Corporation, the owner of the right for SafenSoft TPSecure, a software product line to provide protection for ATMs and terminals, together with Protection Technology, an official representative of Safe`n`Sec Corporation in the territory

Twenty Pro Hackers Grease Russia's Best Crime Groups

Nov 23 2015

Ruslan StoyanovKaspersky investigation unit boss Ruslan Stoyanov says a Russian cyber scum group of just 20 professional hackers have have made a tidy US

Legal and Practical Approaches to Meet Requirements for Localization of Personal Data

Anton Kabakov and Alexander Ermakov
, ,

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Anton KabakovAccording to the amendments to the federal law on personal data, which will enter into force on September 01, 2015, personal data operators will be required to keep personal data of Russian citizens in Russia. These amendments have given rise to many practical issues directly affecting IT companies, as well as their clients using cloud technology for data storage.

Disaster Recovery in Russia: Critical Sectors Play It Safe

Jul 15 2015
Disaster recovery methods in Russia span tape backup to cloud disaster recovery, but for businesses in the most critical sectors in-house provision is the favoured method

Russian Developer Offers Global Firms Possibility to Spy on Their Employees

Software developer Infomaximum is going global with its employee-monitoring program CrocoTime. Already quite popular in Russia, CrocoTime is designed for big companies and is capable of monitoring up to 10,000 users simultaneously.


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