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Russia's Rostec Develops Messenger for Companies, State Agencies

Jun 9 2016

Russia's company RT-Inform, a subsidiary of the state technology corporation Rostec, has developed a messaging program for companies and state agencies, the company's press service said.

Panasonic Bets on St. Pete Software to Run Data for 100 Years

Jun 7 2016

Panasonic and Raidix, a St. Petersburg based IT developer, have partnered to create a unique data management and storage system to be run by Russian software.

Russian Facial Recognition Program Beats Google, but Big Privacy Questions Linger

Jun 2 2016

In November 2015, the Russian company NTechLab's facial recognition software beat Google and more than 90 other teams from all around the world in the University of Washington's MegaFace competition.


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