Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Russia has risen from 11th to 8th place in the list of countries for the aggregate performance of supercomputers, according to the TOP 500 ranking.

The list includes:

  • three Yandex's supercomputers, Chervonenkis (ranked 19th), Galushkin (36th) and Lyapunov (40th);
  • two supercomputers by Sberbank, Christofari Neo (43rd) and Christofari (72nd);
  • Lomonosov-2 from Moscow State University (241st);
  • Grom by MTS (294th).

The first place in the rating for the second consecutive year is occupied by the Japanese system Fugaku. The second and third places were taken by American supercomputers: Summit and Sierra.

However, China remains the leader in the ranking in terms of the number of such systems with 173 supercomputers, followed by the United States (149) and Japan (32).

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