Wednesday, July 22, 2020

K-Sky, an IT developer from Russia’s northwestern region of Karelia now based in Moscow’s Skolkovo Technopark, raised $1.9m from a consortium of yet-unspecified private investors to fund its predictive analytics system for health care designated Webiomed.

This predictive analytics and patients risk management system is reported to enable a user to automatically analyze medical records, identify risk factors and the probability of a disease, and, based on the data, generate forecasts containing all-inclusive assessments of the likelihood of a health problem and possible lethal outcome. The Webiomed database currently has records of more than a million patients in a de-personalized digital format and in excess of 41 million medical protocols; all the data is updated on a daily basis.

The Webiomed is Russia’s first AI-enhanced software product for health care to have successfully undergone rigorous testing, to have obtained formal registration from the Russian healthcare watchdog Roszdravnadzor, and to have received permission to introduce the technology to Russian hospitals and clinics. The K-Sky methodology is reported to have been run in actual healthcare environments in Russia’s regions of Yamalo-Nenetsk and Kirov; the developer also has projects in its home region of Karelia.

Meticulous Research estimates that by 2027, the global market for healthcare predictive analytics will be worth as much as $84.2bn.

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