Friday, August 22, - Sunday, August 24, 2014

HackDayFrom Friday, Aug. 22 to Sunday, Aug. 24, Russia’s first Science HackDay will take place in St. Petersburg. Over the course of 48 hours, scientists, engineers, developers, designers and other professionals will create working prototypes and attempt to solve current scientific and technological challenges. An international team of experts has been invited to advise participants and help refine application and device prototypes or utility models.

“We believe that Science HackDay will provide a platform for experts from various fields to collaborate and create prototypes of new interdisciplinary projects,” said Mikhail Kulakov, head of the HackDay series in Russia. “The event may provide a starting point for startups with a significant scientific component as well as a place to exchange knowledge and promote the sciences in general. There will be no small talk or wasting of air.”

Prior to the event, the participants organize themselves into multidisciplinary teams. Microbiologists and information security professionals, for example, may join forces to design a computer antivirus program based on knowledge about the behavior of the immune system. Marketers, designers, and hardware engineers might choose to create a mobile application for managing photos and videos from a quadcopter in real time. Participants such as health professionals, physicists and mobile developers may choose to develop an iOS­app and hardware for use in mobile health. The scope of applied ideas is limitless. The main criterion of any project is that it combine science and information technology.

The event begins on Friday, Aug. 22. It is during this night that the participants set out their ideas and create teams. Saturday and Sunday are to be entirely devoted to developing prototypes and consulting with experts.

The Science HackDay educational program eschews theory in favor of the practical knowledge that will help teams to accelerate the development of their project and see the path ahead after HackDay.

At the demofest each team will be invited to present the prototype they developed to a wide audience of colleagues, mentors, and market experts. The winners will receive special prizes from the partners and sponsors.

The first Science HackDay in Russia has been organized with the support of EndNote by Thomson Reuters. Used by over 2 million scientists, researchers and students worldwide, EndNote is the industry’s leading software for managing and formatting bibliographies and references.

“We’re excited to partner with such a fun and energetic event that’s designed to nurture imagination, inspiration, and creativity,” siad Amanda Addis, General Manager EndNote. “We work with intelligent information on a daily basis and see what kinds of astonishing things can happen when people from varied disciplines are able to collaborate, brainstorm, and build. We’re especially pleased that the event isn’t just limited to scientists or scientific professionals, but open to anyone who has a genuine sense of passion and curiosity.”

Science HackDay in St. Petersburg will take place at Paletarium from Aug. 22 to 24. Participation is free but prior registration on the event website is required:­hackday. Entrance to the demofest — the presentations of projects and awards ceremony — is also free.

For further information, contact:
Mikhail Kulakov, +7 (964) 329 67 71,
Dmitry Zubenko, +7 905 288 63 95,

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