Wednesday, October 17, - Friday, October 19, 2012

RIW 2012RIW 2012 is a huge multi-stream three-day event comprised of General and Professional programs, an Exhibition, and extracurricular activities, presentations, and promotion activities by leading IT companies. The event is being held at the Expocenter Fairgrounds in Moscow, and runs from Oct. 17-19.

The conference includes presentations on almost all the main activities of the Russian web including advertising, social media, web development, project management, information security, statutory regulation, etc. Among the participants are industry experts and some of Runet’s most famous gurus, employees of Russian and foreign IT companies, government officials, representatives of industry-related ministries and institutions, journalists and internet users.

This year program’s main feature is called White Hall / theRunet, which will host exclusive presentations by top level managers & CEO’s from large Russian and international IT companies, lectures from Internet Gurus, panel discussions and other presentations.

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