Monday, October 8, - Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Russian CIO Summit 2012On Oct. 8–9 the 10th annual Russian CIO Summit will be held in Moscow. Begun a decade ago by RUSSOFT (then NP Fort Ross), the association is this year one of the conference’s general partners which gives RUSSOFT members participation discounts.

CIO Summit is an important regional event which has grown to include over 600 participants – most of them CIOs – in recent years. Sponsors and partners include HP, Lexmark, Citrix, Spirit DSP, D-Link, and others.

The two-day program is full of events including presentations on IT Strategy, SAC vs. Cloud, Budgeting, Unified Communications, Organizational Development, Security, and much more. Speakers and moderators include Alexander Sokolov of Troika Dialog; Anatoly Skorodumov, Head of Information Security, St. Petersburg Bank; Pavel Rybakov , Head of Software and Hardware, UES; Mark Valentini, Director of IT, Red Square; and Pavel Adylin, Chairman, RUSSOFT.

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