Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Linux WizardThe LinuxWizard project aims to provide a smooth transition to Linux through an integrated approach from design to deployment distribution, training and technical support of free software. In order to support the distribution of information, as well as raise public awareness of the role of open source software in corporate and public sectors, introductory seminars on the integration features of free software are regularly organized.

The workshops explore issues connected to free software in Russia and abroad, as well as the advantages and difficulties facing organizations transitioning to free software. Particular attention is paid to the issue of licensing open source software in Russia. The event’s participants are introduced to LinuxWizard solutions and technologies, which includes a range of jobs and server distributions, as well as LW \ DSA, a heterogeneous system of server administration. The workshops also address issues of technical support, users and administrator training for Linux, as well as the applied use of open source software.

Seminars will be held at the St. Petersburg (Dec. 20) and Moscow (Nov. 23) offices of LinuxWizard and additional information is available from www.linuxwizard.ru.

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