Friday, October 12, - Saturday, October 13, 2018

Software Engineering Conference Russia (SECR) is a significant event for the IT industry of Russia. Its history totals 14 years. This year conference will be held on October 12-13 at the Digital October Center in Moscow.

SECR is not a specialized conference: scope of the event covers a wide range of topics on software development. This includes, as purely technical details and issues directly related to the process, as well as broader themes in the IT industry field: education, business, HR, etc.

In addition, the list of topics annually complements the main digital trends of the year: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and others.

Conference program consists of several streams of reports and small workshops. At any time of the event participants can choose which room to visit. Reports and trainings are selected on a competitive basis.

Internationally recognized Russian and foreign experts come to the conference with invited talks. This year the key speakers of the SECR will be: vice-president of the NRU HSE - Igor Rubenovich Agamirzyan and professor of the University of Innopolis and the University of Politecnico di Milano, creator of the Eiffel programming language - Bertrand Meyer.

The first day of the conference will be completed by the traditional Networking Party - a special event, where speakers, participants and organizers will communicate in an informal atmosphere.

Annually SECR is supported by leading companies of software engineering industry, such as JetBrains, Dell EMC, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Adobe, Epam, First Line Software, SAP and others.

Registration for the event lasts until the conference start. Discounts are available for students, groups (3+) and employees of companies-members of the RUSSOFT association.

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