Monday, September 26, 2011

Major Russian telecommunications company Rostelecom has signed an agreement with Microsoft to cooperate in the development of an open platform for providing cloud services in Russia, CNews reported last week.

Under the agreement, the partners plan to cooperate in creating and promoting IT services for government bodies and commercial entities. The IT services are expected to be provided based on Rostelecom’s cloud computing platform.

The companies also agreed to create and develop a centre to support Russian IT companies focusing on developing cloud computing applications. It will “contribute to creating applicable services for the cloud-based platform and to support Russian IT-companies willing to create cloud computing applications,” the companies said. Russia’s Minister of telecommunications Igor Shegolev, who supervised the deal, said that the “creation of the Russian national cloud-based services platform is the top priority of the domestic IT industry” and that “the agreement itself will stimulate the development of cloud computing applications at home [in Russia].”

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