Number of employees in Russia and CIS: 
In business since: 
Key market: 
Global (multinational)
Primary activity in Russia: 
Russian software vendor, System Integrator
Industries / areas: 
Media, Software and Technology, Telecom
Global headquarters: 
Russian office locations: 
St. Petersburg Russia RU
Client locations: 
Russia RU, Cyprus CY, Croatia HR, Germany DE, Spain ES
SmartLabs is a Russian company and a leader in the development of service delivery platforms for interactive digital television (IPTV, DVB, hybrid, OTT TV), advanced client applications, user interfaces, set-top boxes, and other innovative solutions for service providers and corporations. The key customers of the company are telecom operators and service providers implementing future-proof IPTV and OTT TV services in wired and wireless networks. SmartLabs solutions have been chosen by the largest IPTV service providers and operators, such as Rostelecom, MTS, MTT, Kartina TV, PrimeTel and others. SmartLabs cooperates closely with many leaders in the interactive television market, such as Amino Communications, Edgeware, Espial, Sagem, Motorola, NDS, Secure Media, Verimatrix, Widevine, and others. Our experts have extensive expertise is developing and implementing end-to-end IPTV solutions by SmartLabs and its partners. SmartLabs offers individual products and end-to-end solutions, ensuring complete compatibility of its components and modules: End-to-end scalable IPTV solutions for broadband operators; OTT solutions for service providers and content distributors; Software-as-a-service (pay-as-you-go software solutions for broadband SMEs). SmartLabs is a part of INLINE Technologies Group (ITG).
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