Number of employees in Russia and CIS: 
In business since: 
Key market: 
Global (multinational)
Primary activity in Russia: 
Russian software vendor
Industries / areas: 
Computer Hardware, Science and Research, Software and Technology
Global headquarters: 
Client locations: 
Russia RU, France FR, Germany DE, Israel IL, United Kingdom GB, United States US
Lebedev Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Engineering (IPMCE) is one of Russia's leading research institutions and is aimed at developing innovative breakthrough technologies and products. We offer a full array of software development services in application software development, embedded software development and IC design. One of IPMCE's core specializations is in supercomputers. The institute is the birthplace of the first high-performance Russian supercomputers, which formed the basis of Soviet defense systems and space programs. Currently our main mission is to develop high-performance supercomputers. We have developed the technology for optimizing compilers, including automatic support for all types of parallelism. In addition, IPMCE has the technology to modify both core and OS mechanisms for maximum productivity. We do everything to foster long and successful partnerships and look for individual solutions for each client.
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