Number of employees in Russia and CIS: 
In business since: 
Key market: 
Global (multinational)
Primary activity in Russia: 
Russian software vendor, System Integrator, Consultant
Industries / areas: 
Banking and Financial Services, Consumer Products, Education, Entertainment, Government / Public Sector, Healthcare, Media, Science and Research, Software and Technology, Telecom, Transportation
Russian headquarters: 
Russian office locations: 
Izhevsk, Moscow Russia RU
Directum is one of the leading companies in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services. We are a powerful and agile platform for building a broad set of mission-critical business solutions which help solve today’s most difficult business challenges. Challenges include: management of unstructured content; assistance in optimization of complex technical compliance requirements; and implementation of advanced programming that is converted to create a more simple, user-friendly and effective work environment. Established in 1988, Directum has expanded from a group of select enthusiastic investors to a highly functional powerhouse including around 250 diligent and professional employees. Directum continues to successfully help simplify all fundamental organization pertaining to many forms of software programs and technical issues for their clientele. Today, more than 900 organizations rely on Directum to improve corporate governance and remain competitive through innovation. Directum currently has over 100 business partners in 5 different countries including, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the Netherlands, and will shortly cater to businesses and partners in the US.
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