Software Russia is a unique web portal dedicated to promoting the entirety of the rapidly expanding Russian software industry on the global market.

Created to address the short supply of transparent data available, Software Russia provides the most accurate and up-to-date information about the Russian software market and equips an international audience considering doing business in Russia with the tools necessary to make informed decisions based on unbiased information gathered from reliable sources.

As a nexus for the entire range of companies developing software for export including outsourcers, independent software vendors and R&D centers, as well as the professional associations that serve and support them, Software Russia acts as a conduit between potential partners, facilitating communication between business leaders internationally.

By analyzing industry-wide statistics on the full spectrum of software development activity and soliciting expert commentary from consultants and specialists working in the field, Software Russia also delivers practical information about doing business in Russia, profiles of the industry’s leading companies, the importance of up and coming development centers, insight into the personalities that lead the sector, and the impact of changing government policy on the market that is unavailable anywhere else.

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