Co-Founder, ScrumTrek

Founder, AgileRussia

Askhat Urazbaev followed a typical career path, moving from junior developer to project manager. Later, as a process architect at Luxoft, Mr. Urazbaev became engaged in adopting “heavyweight” methodologies within several of the company’s departments. It was at Luxoft that, thanks to one of the company’s clients, he first learned about Agile and shortly thereafter began participating in several Agile projects.

In 2006, Mr. Urazbaev started to help teams and departments within Luxoft to adopt Agile methodologies. In March of that same year he founded the Russian Agile Community ( In 2008, Mr. Urazbaev and his partner Nikita Filippov founded ScrumTrek, a company that assists other businesses in their transition to Agile with consultation and training. ScrumTrek counts companies such as Kaspersky Lab, Afisha, HeadHunter, Ascon, Luxoft, Infopulse, and many others among its clients.

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