Arcadiy Khotin was just one of many Soviet-style Russian software engineers until the late-1980s. In 1989 he was invited to become software development director with JV Dialogue, one of the first US-Russian joint ventures, where he worked for several years. It was a fantastic new opportunity where Mr. Khotin was exposed to new ways of doing business and came into contact with numerous of influential people such as the famous American venture capitalist and journalist Esther Dyson.

Mr. Khotin took part in localization projects with Microsoft, meeting Bill Gates on his visit to Russia. In 1993 Mr. Khotin and his family decided to start their own business by registering a software company named Arcadia. From the very beginning Arcadia was focused on developing software projects for Western companies. The first country with which Arcadia worked was the US, and it naturally went on to establish a sister company there.

In 1995, using the profits generated by working with US companies, Mr. Khotin went to Helsinki and in 1996 won the company its first client in Finland. In 1999 Mr. Khotin, along with nine other company owners, founded FortRoss—Russia’s first software association—which united more than 60 companies and went on to become RUSSOFT. Mr. Khotin was elected as Vice President of the association.

In 2002 Arcadia shareholders decided to focus on the Nordic market and founded Ardin Software Oy which was registered and opened in Helsinki. Ardin Software serves as a sales and marketing arm for Arcadia and a number of other software companies in the CIS countries which are united under the banner of Scandinavian Group (ScG).

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