Professor, SPbSTU

President, XJ Technologies

Professor Yuri Karpov, PhD, member of the American Mathematical Society since 1975, expert in Russian research and technology field. Dr. Karpov professional interests include problems of parallel processes formal models, distributed systems modeling and analysis, and verification of distributed and parallel algorithms.

Dr. Karpov’s professional experience included consultancy work for Hewlett-Packard, where he specialized in formal analysis and communication protocols verification; he was also in charge of several research projects for HP labs Europe and IBM Centre for Advance Studies.

In 1999 he became invited professor of the Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems at the University of Stuttgart (Germany). Together with A.V.Borschevoi and V.Rudakov, Dr. Karpov founded XJ Technologies software company and became its President.

Dr. Karpov has been the Head of Distributed Computing and Networking Department of St. Petersburg State Technical University since 1995 when it was founded. He teaches Mathematical Logic and Algorithm Theory, Automata and Formal Languages Theory, Distributed Algorithms and Protocols, Parallel and Distributed Program Systems Verification.

Dr. Karpov is the author of over 150 academic papers and several books, including Automata Theory, Programming theory and technology. Building compiler fundamentals, The imitation modeling. Introduction to modeling with AnyLogic 5, Model checking. Verification of parallel and distributed software systems.

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