Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Dr. Sci. (Phys.–Math.)

Director of the Institute of System Programming

Victor Ivannikov is a prominent scientist in the field of computer engineering and programming. Born in 1940, he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in 1963 where he specialized in mathematical computation devices and appliances. After graduating, he went on to work at the renowned Institute of Precise Mechanics and Computer Engineering (IPMaCE) becoming a leading member of the team responsible for creating the D-68 operating system for the BESM-6 computer.

While at IPMaCE, Ivannikov gained extensive experience of systems programming that enabled him to make notable contributions to the development of operating systems, including the creation of new ways to organize parallel processing and programming complexes. Ivannikov also conducted numerous research projects and was responsible for important innovations in object-oriented programming, creating new cluster technology that was implemented during the creation of the AS-6 operating system and has been used in various computational complexes and super-computers.

In the 1980s Ivannikov worked at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR’s Institute of Cybernetics and supervised the creation and implementation of automatic design and software development for super computers. In 1984 he was elected an associate member of the Academy and continues to head commissions on programming and software distribution there while organizing exchanges between Russian scientists and their foreign counterparts as a member of the board of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

In 1994 he established the Academic Institute of System Programming, and has served as its director since. The institute develops methods and tools for the assessment of software reliability, performance and safety, the analysis of high-performance and distributed systems, including GRID, and the formalization of the basic standards of open and telecommunication systems. Mr. Ivannikov also leads the departments of system programming at the faculty of Computation Mathematics and Cybernetics at Moscow State University and the MIPT, where he lectures on the fundamentals of algorithms and algorithmic languages as well as on general issues in the field of the information sciences.

At present Mr. Ivannikov is editor-in chief-of Programming, an academic journal. He also heads the Russian Linux Verification Center and is an active member of the program committees of both Russian and international conferences, including Gelato, ForTIA, GO4IT. He is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery and heads the Russian branch of the IEEE Computer Society.

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