Founder & CEO, yaM Labs

Founder & Director, invisibleCRM

Anatoly was born in Moscow, graduated from the MSTU of Bauman and the International Space University in Toronto, Canada. In 1993 he founded the Vested Development, Inc. (VDI), which specialized in development of IT services for U.S. customers (by 2004 the company employed over 400 people, having headquarters and sales office in the U.S. and engineering offices in Russia, Ukraine and Armenia). Prior to 2002 Anatoly was Director of Development and Vice President of VDI and then he headed the company becoming the CEO. In 2006 he founded invisibleCRM and rose round of investments from ABRT and Trigon Martinson. In September 2006, after VDI and EPAM were merged, Anatoly became the leader of the united EPAM Systems in Russia and CIS. In 2009 he founded the yaM Labs which he leads as the CEO from then till the present moment.

His activities Anatoly denotes as “converting ideas into high-quality products for the global market.”

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