Director General, CROC

Boris Bobrovnikov was born in 1960. He holds a degree in Geophysical Engineering (1978–1982) and a PhD in Engineering from the Moscow Geological Exploration Institute (full–time postgraduate study). Between 1986 and 1992, Bobrovnikov was a researcher at the Moscow Geological Exploration Institute and Institute of Oceanography (USSR Academy of Sciences). Bobrovnikov began his business career in 1988, when he founded and headed the Medicine, Culture and Sports Association. He then founded CROC in 1992 and remains the company’s owner to this day. He is also a Board Member of the Information and Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT) and the ASTRA Outsourcers Association.

Bobrovnikov was ranked among the Top 10 IT Industry Executives, according to the Executives Rating 2010, by the Russian Managers Association and Kommersant publishing house. He has been listed in the rating since 2006.

Previously, Bobrovnikov was ranked one of the Top 100 Persons of Russia’s IT Industry by Secret Firmy Magazine, one of the Best Russian IT Company Executives by CRN magazine and one of the Top 30 Russian IT Company Managers by Career Magazine.

In 2004, Bobrovnikov won Ernst & Young’s International Businessman of the Year (Information Technology) prize and in 2002 was awarded the IT Industry Leader prize at The Person of the Year awards by RosBusinessConsulting.

He has been successfully running CROC for 19 years and has turned the company into an IT industry leader according to IDC reports from 2002–2011, the Expert Agency’s Largest Consulting Companies (2011) and the Largest IT Companies (2011) ratings. His company has also been recognized by FORBES’ Russia’s Top 200 Private Companies (2011) and Finance Magazine’s list of the 500 Largest Companies in Russia (2011). CROC’s revenue reached $832 million in 2010.

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