CEO, Hewlett-Packard Russia

Alexander Mikoyan has been CEO of Hewlett-Packard Russia since 2009. He has also been the company’s Managing Director and Vice President. Mikoyan is the great-grandson of powerful Soviet statesman Anastas Mikoyan, the only politician who managed to remain in the country’s Politburo from the time of Lenin to that of Brezhnev, and is also credited with bringing consumer goods and mass food production know-how from America to the Soviet Union in the 1930s.

As the head of Russia’s largest foreign IT company, where he manages more than 1,000 employees, he passionately follows the country’s scientific and technological accomplishments and tracks the success and challenges of the next generation. Mikoyan is also interested in aviation and the space industry. As a young boy, he wanted to be a pilot like his grandfather and his great-uncles, but imperfect eyesight grounded those dreams. Instead, he won a physics competition in the seventh grade. After that, he was on the radar of Moscow’s specialized mathematics-physics schools.

After graduation and a stint as a scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mikoyan entered the business world. His interest in technology served him well as the local head of telecommunications equipment maker Newbridge Networks. He moved to Alcatel after the two companies merged in 2000. After some time at French aerospace giant Thales Group, Mikoyan was selected to run HP Russia, making him the first locally born general manager in the company’s 44-year history here.

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