President, National Computer Corporation

President, Aquarius Group

Board Member, Systematica Group

Alexander Kalinin is the President of National Computer Corporation (NCC) and has also been the President of the Aquarius Group since 2006. He sits on the board of Systematica Group and, since 2008, has been one of its directors. In 1978, Kalinin graduated with honors from the Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics. He holds a PhD in Technical Sciences. Kalinin Co-founded the company Kompulink in 1993 and has been its director since 1993. He has also served as an adviser to Russia’s minister of communications.

NCC employs more than 2,800 vastly experienced, highly-professional managers, business consultants, top-notch programmers and engineers certified by IT leaders worldwide. NCC has established more than 30 offices and over 300 authorized service centers in Russia as well as its own computer manufacturing facility. NCC is partners with over 8,000 computer companies and authorized distributors of more than 100 manufacturers worldwide.

NCC has been operating successfully on the IT Market for 21 years with 20 years of experience in computer manufacturing, 18 years in corporate supplies, 17 years in distribution and 13 years in system integration, development and the implementation of data management systems.

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