Food Gate Launches B2B eCommerce Portal for Food Market, GS1 Supports

Dec 2 2014

Russian IT company opened to public Food Gate search engine and B2B transaction system for food market launched the public use of e-Commerce and Search Engine Food Gate format b2b, designed to search for partners and transactions between participa

German Hermes and Finnish Itella Collaborate to Facilitate Cross-Border Sales to Russia

German logistics provider Hermes Fulfilment has teamed up with Finnish postal operator Itella to facilitate e-commerce sales of Western European merchants to the Russian market, reported last week.

Russia’s hopes and WTO reality — Interview with Bernard Casey

John Robles
The Voice of Russia

© Collage: The Voice of Russia“The main reason I believe President Putin supported the WTO accession is that it will provide Russian high-tech enterprises non-discriminatory access to foreign markets.” — Mr. Bernard Casey, an innovation and modernization specialist for the post-Soviet space said in a Voice of Russia interview.

Doing IT business in Russia / Protecting Intellectual Property in Russia

When most executives consider conducting knowledge-based business in Russia, the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights usually top their list of concerns. IP ownership, infringement issues, and piracy are of vital concern and must be scrupulously and judiciously addressed to avoid expensive and potentially damaging consequences.

Siberian Software Summit Proves Promising For Industry

Mar 1 2012

Last week, several senior Russian politicians attended a meeting at the Novosibirsk Technology Park Science Campus with a view to improving the efficiency of public administration through information technology, and other related issues.

Andrew Sviridenko on Russia’s WTO Accession

Andrew Sviridenko

Monday, November 21, 2011

First of all, I should make it clear that I do support Russia’s WTO accession. However, I do not think that the complete withdrawal of government protection will help the industry.

Intelligent government can and should maintain its world-class innovators on the domestic market—both by creating an environment with favorable tax laws and a constructive business climate, and by creating local demand for innovative products developed domestically. This is what all leaders in technology including the U.S., Japan, Korea, Taiwan and now China, have all done.

Russia’s WTO Accession

Andrey Sitkov
Transas Technologies
Director of Commercial Development

Monday, November 21, 2011

The government can not directly develop any one segment of the economy on its own. Only entrepreneurs can do that. The government can only create a platform and the environment for staff development and guarantee education, healthcare, quality of life, legislation and law enforcement.

Russia’s WTO Accession

Valentin Makarov

Monday, November 21, 2011

Joining the ITA will lead to the removal of existing customs clearance procedures, which are the basic barriers to the free movement of IT-goods into Russia. This will lead to the elimination of the imbalance in customs tariffs between components and final products (tariffs on components are much higher than those applied to end-products now). It will also lead to a radical simplification of customs inspections on IT hardware. As a result, the manufacturing of hardware in Russia could become an economically sound proposition.

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