Dentons Rates Top Changes of 2013 in Russian Legislation for IP, IT and Mass Communications

Monday, March 31, 2014

gavelDentons has rated what it considers to be the most important changes to Russian legislation affecting IP, IT and Mass Communications in 2013. Among the law firm’s most important changes are provisions for the protection of IP as regards video piracy…

Ministry of Communications Lowers Threshold for Foreign IT Workers

26 Oct 2013

Russia’s Ministry of Communications has decided to help domestic IT companies experiencing staff shortages by making it easier for them to employ high-tech workers from the former republics of the USSR, reports Isvestia.

Currently, Russian employers wishing to hire foreign specialists irrespective of quotas must pay them a minimum salary of 2 million rubles a year ($63,134) or 166,000 rubles ($5,240) per month. The ministry has prepared amendments to the law “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation” that will reduce that figure by half.

NVision Group Takes Cnews to Court for Libel

27 Aug 2013

The Russian IT company NVision Group has filed a libel suit in the Moscow arbitration court against the online news site CNews, the company announced.

According to a report in, the company is seeking 100,000 rubles ($3029) in damages.

“The lawsuit was filed for such a nominal amount because the main purpose of the suit is the protection of our reputation”, said the NVision Group news service.

Technoserv Sued Over Breach of Contract

23 Aug 2013

Russia’s Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography in Moscow (Rosreestr) has filed a lawsuit in Moscow’s arbitration court against Technoserv. The suit seeks damages of 31.7 million rubles ($959,441) according to the tribunal’s website, reported. Rosreestr is responsible for overseeing the country’s spatial data infrastructure.

The case is scheduled to be heard on Oct. 7.

According to a representative from Technoserv, the suit was filed over what Rosreestr sees as a breach of contract between the agency and Technoserve.

Kaspersky Wins Lawsuit Against US Patent Troll

2 Jul 2012

Kaspersky Lab logo

Russia's Kaspersky Lab anti-virus software developer has won a lawsuit against US-based IPAT, which accused the leading Russian anti-virus company of breaching its patents...

New Changes to Russian Transfer Pricing Law

Alexander Ermakov
Awara Group
Director of ERP Systems Unit
In an exclusive article for Software Russia, Alexander Ermakov, Director of Awara Group’s ERP Systems Unit, sets out in detail what anyone considering cross-border transactions with Russian companies needs to know. With transfer pricing being a significant component to both determine and justify the prices a company charges for a service, recently enacted Russian legislation is a significant influence on the country’s software development industry…

Doing IT business in Russia / Protecting Intellectual Property in Russia

When most executives consider conducting knowledge-based business in Russia, the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights usually top their list of concerns. IP ownership, infringement issues, and piracy are of vital concern and must be scrupulously and judiciously addressed to avoid expensive and potentially damaging consequences.

Regulatory Climate Commentary

Ralph Schonenbach
Trestle Group
Russia wants software outsourcing to grow and operate efficiently. Thus, the rules and regulations that govern the way IT and outsourcing business is conducted protect both investors and employees. Despite a positive trend towards better business practices, opening a business in Russia remains rather difficult. More...

Doing IT business in Russia / Labor laws

Russian labor law, while adhering to international standards in most key areas, differs from EU and US law in significant ways that may increase the burdens placed upon an employer. While the letter of the law is extremely exacting, in practice there are many ways in which employers can and do get around the laws. Not only is there a difference in the way that the laws are laid out but also in the way that they are enforced. Differing types of software businesses in Russia – including software outsourcing providers and ISVs – require differing levels of adherence to the labor code, from virtually none to the necessity for full compliance. The most recent version of the Russian Labor Code...
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