A Russian Start-up Schools Google and Facebook Facial Recognition Technology

Oct 21 2016

NTechLab is only one year old, but it’s already making headlines and playing with the big boys in the industry.

Have You Tried Prisma Yet? This App Transforms Photos into Paintings in the Style of Famous Artists Using AI

Jun 25 2016

An iOS app named Prisma has shot up in popularity in 10 post-Soviet countries, vaulting to the top spot in the App Store in record time.

Panasonic Bets on St. Pete Software to Run Data for 100 Years

Jun 7 2016

Panasonic and Raidix, a St. Petersburg based IT developer, have partnered to create a unique data management and storage system to be run by Russian software.

Award-Winning Russian Face Recognition Technology Used to Harass Young Women and Track Pyromaniacs

A face recognition app called ‘FindFace‘ is sparking controversy in Russia over the destructive power of new technologies with regards to user privacy.

Russian Company Lends IT Hand to Forensic Analysts, Stadiums and Shopping Malls

Vocord, a Russian company created in 1999, has made the news several times over the past few years with its innovative products.

Russian Manufacturer to Develop Next-Gen Navy Integral Control Systems

Next-generation integral control systems for the Russian Navy will be developed in the near future, Research-and-Production Association (RPA) Mars director general said Friday.

Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Ethnic Relations in Russia

The director of Russia’s Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs, Igor Barinov, has said that a computer program for promptly responding to ethnic conflicts has been developed in Russia.

Jelastic Bond Release 4.3 - the First DevOps PaaS with Native PHP 7 Support

Jan 13 2016

Jelastic, Inc., the cloud company that provides DevOps PaaS for management of certified containers (Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .NET) and the ability to use custom Docker containers, today launched the new 4.3 version.

Lie Detector from Moscow to Sense Deceit Remotely?

Dec 8 2015

Scientists at MEPhI, a Moscow-based nuclear tech university, have developed a new version of a polygraph, popularly referred to as a lie detector, which is believed to enable users to see whether a person tells the truth or lies by analyzing a vid

Skolkovo’s Innovation Center: Helping Ideas Take Root

Phil Butler

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

SkolkovoOur technical team at Our Russia was afforded a unique opportunity tour Skolkovo last week. We also discussed with key executives of Russia’s version of “Silicon Valley” the uniquely ambitious plans that differentiate Russia’s science city from all previous endeavors.


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