Digital Headhunting Set to Transform HR

Dinara Mamedova
Russia Beyond the Headlines

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Russian developers have created the AmazingHiring application for finding IT personnel. It not only searches for a candidate, but also analyzes their professional qualities. Investors believe that the project will be a success: in 2013 the Ukrainian SMRK Investment Fund and the Russian Starta Capital Venture Fund invested $300,000 in the company. In September 2014 the service was able to attract $500,000 in seed funding from SMRK and business angels.

Ulyanovsk: An Emerging Software Development Hub

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ulyanovsk coat of armsThe Russian city of Ulyanovsk is located along the Volga River, 893 kilometers east of Moscow. With a population of nearly 700,000, the city is a major industrial center as well as the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin. In addition to a UAZ automobile factory and the Aviastar aircraft company, it is also home to international businesses such as Mars, Inc., Takata-Petri and Anadolu Efes.

Russian President Signs New Law on Foreign IT Workers

Jun 24 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Monday simplifying the process for companies wishing to employ highly-trained foreign IT specialists, the Rosbalt news agency reports.

Russian Government to Simplify Hiring Foreign IT Specialists

The St.Petersburg Times

Thursday, April 24, 2014

In an attempt to fill the widening labor gap in the information technology sector, the government has submitted a bill to the State Duma that would simplify bringing foreign IT specialists to Russia.

“The deficit in qualified specialists is the main impediment to the Russian IT industry’s development as a business,” said Nikolai Komlev, executive director of the Association of Computer and Information Technologies, or APKIT, which participated in developing the legislation.

Why Russia / Human Resources and the Labor Market

In the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s Information Economy Report 2012, Russia’s software and IT services industry was said to account for about one-fifth of total employment in the ICT sector in the country while the software and IT services market — estimated at about $9 billion in 2011 — is considered relatively small compared to those of Brazil and China.

Russian ISVs and Market Forces

Friday, March 21, 2014

Software-Russia conducted interviews with several Russian companies including ABBYY, Bercut, PROMT, SPIRIT DSP, all of which generate most of their revenue from product and software application development. The companies are all engaged in export as well as servicing the local Russian market.

Russia Approves Lowering of Salaries for Foreign IT Workers

Mar 19 2014

Russia’s Commission on Legislative Activities approved a bill introduced by the Ministry of Communications on the reduction of the minimum annual salary foreign professionals need to receive on order to be employed by Russian IT companies, RIA Novosti reported citing a report by the committee.

Salaries for Russian Programmers Up in 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

According to various estimates, the salaries paid to software developers increased by 10-15 percent in 2013. The monthly wage for programmers and team leaders ranged from 80,000 to 150,000 rubles ($2,448 - $4,591), reports CNews.

In 2013, the average salary paid to Russian specialists in software development, including managers, was $2,448, or about 80,000 rubles. According to preliminary results from the Russoft association for the outgoing year.

According to Russoft, wages in 2013 averaged 15 percent growth.

Ministry of Communications Lowers Threshold for Foreign IT Workers

Oct 26 2013

Russia’s Ministry of Communications has decided to help domestic IT companies experiencing staff shortages by making it easier for them to employ high-tech workers from the former republics of the USSR, reports Isvestia.

EPAM’s Elaina Shekhter Recognized by CRN

Jul 22 2013

EPAM Systems, a leading provider of complex software engineering solutions and the leader in Central and Eastern European IT service delivery, announced on July 19 that Elaina Shekhter, Vice President, Global Head of Travel and Consumer Industry B


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