Russian Company Credo-Dialogue Releases GNSS Software

Mar 19 2015

The Russian company Credo-Dialogue has released Credo GNSS 1.0, a GNSS processing software.

MSU Makes One Step Closer to Quantum Computer and Next Gen Cellular Communications

Mar 17 2015

Young scientists at Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)’s department of physics and the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, also part of MSU, have developed electronic components that operate on superconductivity.

Russian Company Releases a Unique Solution for Image Processing

Nov 12 2014

Nvidia CUDAFastvideo released Fastvideo SDK library for processing video from digital cameras. The library is based on Nvidia CUDA architecture and uses the resources of graphics accelerators computing systems, says the official report.

Starus Releases New Recovery Tool for Office Docs

Apr 9 2014

Starus Recovery has announced the release of Starus Office Recovery, a comprehensive data recovery tool for PCs running the Microsoft Windows OS to restore document files that go missing.

Innovating for the Sake of Innovation: An Interview with Michael Kechinov

Michael Kechinov

Monday, March 24, 2014

Michael Kechinov is the founder of Rees46, an Internet service for e-commerce and co-founder of Coffeelab, an early-stage internet-startup accelerator. An expert in recommending systems and personalization services, Kechinov posses a wealth of experience and often acts as a CTO for the various companies he is involved in. His development studio has played a remarkable role in the development of the Russian startup-community as the organizer of HackDay, a marathon 48-hour event where participants workshop prototypes of projects before presenting them to colleagues, experts and investors.

Shell Teams Up With Russian IT Developers

May 28 2013

ShellShell, a global group of energy and petrochemical companies present in more than 70 countries, announced in mid-May that its Russian division has inked an agreement with Russian company Antel-Oil on joint research into ways of developing software to process 3D seismic prospecting data.

ITFY Opens Development Center With IBM

May 24 2013

ITFY, a Russian public-private IT services provider, has announced the opening of its development center for microelectronics hardware and software development based on the IBM platform, the company said in a statement.

Softline Outpaces Russian IT Market

May 24 2013

Softline has announced the company’s results for the 2012 fiscal year, reporting a total turnover for the group of $805 million, a 34 percent increase over the $600 million the company made in 2011.

ProfsoUX Conference Attracts Thousands

May 23 2013

ProfsoUXOn May 18, the second ProfsoUX conference on usability and experience design was held in St. Petersburg. The event took place at the PetroCongress conference center and attracted nearly 300 software design professionals who gathered to learn new skills and network with colleagues.

Russia Builds Europe’s Largest Supercomputer

Apr 9 2013

Russian scientists have announced plans to launch Europe’s largest supercomputer with a capacity of 10 PFLOPS, reports Cnews.


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