Thursday, December 15, 2011

Russia is the world’s third most “pragmatic” market for start-ups that focus on achieving perceptible results in industry and social areas, portal Venture Business News reports, citing the most recent survey of this year’s global start-up market conducted by Russia’s National Association for Innovation and IT Development (NAIRIT).

According to the survey, a reported 85% of Russian start-ups fall into this specific category, inferior only to Japan (90%) and Israel (87%). The U.S. (53%) and China (51%) rank ninth and tenth, respectively.

  1. Japan (90%)
  2. Israel (87%)
  3. Russia (85%)
  4. Germany (71%)
  5. Finland (69%)
  6. UK (65%)
  7. Netherlands (62%)
  8. Switzerland (61%)
  9. USA (53%)
  10. China (51%)

In phase-one of the survey NAIRIT reportedly interacted with a number of international organizations in search of comprehensive data, including NVCA (National Venture Capital Association), BVCA (British Venture Capital Association), EVCA (European Venture Capital Association), European Academy of Science, and others.

At later stages open sources were scrutinized to verify the data obtained. NAIRIT is said to have screened national websites focusing on innovation projects. For each country up to 500 projects were purportedly analyzed.

As NAIRIT president Olga Uskova put it, “today many countries are witnessing a new boom of projects aimed at a variety of Internet services, which reminds me of the euphoria of the 1990s.” Ms. Uskova is pleased that Russia is developing many technology projects in medicine, biotech, energy saving, industry, etc. “Our innovators are well-educated, and no wonder they focus on complex technology challenges,” she said.

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