Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Implementation of the Samara – 2013 Forward program, in which digital literacy training initiatives will be combined with the donation of Google electronic products to educational institutions is to start in November, according to the government of Samara Oblast, reports RIA Novosti.

The program will be implemented as a public private partnership between the Regional Department of Information Technology and Communications and Google.

“The project includes support for IT innovation by small- and medium-sized businesses, the training of public authorities, the free provision of Google electronic products to educational institutions and innovative digital literacy training programs for various sectors of the population,” the company said in a statement.

The program for developers and startups is expected to involve more than 300 people. After an initial workshop, a competition will be held for the creation of socially relevant applications aimed at meeting the needs of area residents. In addition, the program will be organized in such a way as to support young talent, which includes grants for children and adolescents with topical projects in the field of Internet technologies.

“The prospective partner program is designed for long-term effect. Its main direction will be developed and maintained by Google based on an innovative platform,” said Stanislav Kazarin, head of the Department of Information Technology and Communications.

According to Kazarin, the partnership between government and a global corporation creates a unique platform to support and stimulate innovation and accelerate the development of the IT industry in the Samara region.

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